Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jayson Werth avoids throwing ball to "snarling, intoxicated" fans

Jayson Werth got the last laugh, but he is taking the high road.
Werth had nothing but politically correct and nice things to say about the Phillies after his two-run single crushed their miniscule playoff hopes on Wednesday night, but he was candid in his explantion of why he snubbed some kids in the front row out of a ball that came his way in the on-deck circle in the ninth inning.
The crowd grew even angrier with Werth than they already were, but the intense at-bat ended when Werth silenced the crowd with the single and sent them to the exits.
He did not throw the ball to the kids because of a previous incident in right field where a man stole the ball from a woman and threw it back on the field. He also said he saw "snarling," "possibly intoxicated middle-aged men" behind the kids, which made him hesitate to throw the ball.
Check out the video here.


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