Saturday, October 20, 2012

Allentown pulls out a big win, gets to 7-0

HAMILTON - It was the game of the year in what used to be the CVC, and it lived up to every bit of hype, as Allentown barely egded Nottingham in a thriller.
It was also the first time we took The Trentonian live football chat on the road. It wasn't excatly College Gameday, but it was fun. Thanks to George O'Gorman and Rich Fisher covering the game for the paper every which way possible, that gave me the time to try to make this the biggest football chat yet.
I recommend checking out the chat replay, which can be found on this blog, if you missed the chat on Saturday, because it had videos of various touchdown plays, the teams running out of the locker room at the start, etc. It was something we really wanted to try and we hope it was a good experience for you.
Oddly, we had our record chat participation and attendance LAST Saturday, when everyone was online getting fired up for this game. Today, we didn't have as big a numbers, because I think everyone in the county was at the game.
It was a great crowd on both sides, and it made for an incredible high school football atmosphere.
First things first, though. Here's the Frank Juba touchdown that I promised you when it was 14-14.
The referees didn't make friends on either side, as there were major controversial calls that shifted the momentum of the game. But ultimately, the game was decided by the players, as it should be.
Here's what Allentown quarterback Nick Palladino had to say after the ball game.


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